78 Fang.pngff

Name) Fang [S.A#78]

Gender) Male

Age) Reapling

Species) Shadow Angel Clone-Defect

Element/Type) Fire

Powers/Abilities) Fire casting

Parents) None

Siblings/Clones) Claw [S.A#77]

Mate) None

Kittlings) None

Fang has lime-green fur with a black tuft of hair on his head. His tail is also black. Fangs eyes are icy-blue, a color uncommonly seen in Shadow Angels. He has red and orangeish-yellow wings that he occasionally sets on fire to make him look intimidating. Fang has a scar on his right cheek with four stitches in it from when he had been scratched by a Web-Walker. If it weren't for Feto, Fangs small wound could have gotten infected and killed him. Fang wears a spiked necklace around his neck that had been given to him by Feto. The necklace is made of glosh teeth and is said to bring good luck. The little red charm on the necklace has an F on it [In the Shadow Angel language] for Fang.

Fang is the Clone/Brother of Claw, the first Shadow Angel to be introduced in the story. He is known to have a bad temper and he often lets his anger get the best of him.

Although he has existing knowledge like most Shadow Angels, Fang seems to be lacking some knowledge about friendship and love. Claw tries her best to teach him the ways of kindness, but so far not a lot of progress has been made.