81 Bell.pngs

Name) Bell [S.A#81]

Gender) Female

Age) Reapling

Species) Shadow Angel

Element/Type) Light

Powers/Abilities) Light casting

Parents) None

Siblings/Clones) None

Mate) None

Kittlings) None

Bell is a beautiful peach and cream colored Shadow Angel with blue eyes and black tipped ears.

Bell went out of her way to help other Shadow Angels escape the laboratory when the whole underground building began to fall apart. She ended up saving twelve trapped Shadow Angels, one of them being Nayno [S.A#82]. Bell and Nayno decided to stick together and the two became great friends. A few days later, Bell and Nayno ran into two other Shadow Angels who were almost attacked by a giant Forest Serpent. Nayno and Bell combined their powers and scarred the beast off. These Shadow Angels were named Fang [S.A#78] and Claw [S.A#77].

Sadly, Bell had been gruesomely killed and eaten by a horde of Web-Walkers in the SilkWeb Woods. It was a sight that Nayno, Claw, and Fang would never forget. Once again, Bell had risked it all in order to help others. This is why she will never be forgotten.